Welcome from our Commission Chair, Fonda Mc Gensy                     

I would like to welcome you to the Riverside County Commission for Women website. We are a group of diverse women from varying educations & social economic backgrounds and we are excited to serve and advocate on behalf of the women in the Riverside County communities the opportunities, issues, and policies affecting women in the Riverside County area. I'm grateful to have this opportunity to learn and give in the community I call home.      

To learn more about how to be more involved with our Commission, please contact the Commission directly or attend one of our upcoming events!            

Looking Ahead...

The Commission for Women will continue to:
  • Identify issues, concerns and needs affecting the status of women.
  • Prepare reports and recommendations to the County Board of Supervisors, creating a partnership for actions on important and timely issues.
  • Provide education and information regarding policies and legislative actions addressing women's needs.
  • Refer individuals and groups to appropriate services, organizations, and resources.
  • Promote use of community contacts and other women's commissions to increase visibility of women's issues and maximize the Commission's impact.

County of Riverside Commission for Women

Contact Us:

County Administrative Center

4080 Lemon St., 5th Floor, Riverside, CA 92501

www.rivcocfw.com || Email: cfwemail@rivcocfw.com