Checklist For Hosting a CPAAC Conference

Below is a brief overview of items to consider when your County is selected to host a CPAAC conference (when in doubt, check with the current President):

  1. At least 6 months prior to the event, locate one of more hotel options with sufficient accommodations and meeting space and acquire firm price estimates for the cost of the meeting including room rates, meeting room costs, meals and any other expenses.
  2. With the President, make a selection and enter into a contract (a deposit if required can be obtained from the Treasurer). The host County Director is authorized to sign the contract with the President's approval.
  3. Arrange for meals:
    • Board of Directors Lunch on Wednesday (can be brought in to a small meeting room, or in the hotel restaurant if available)
    • Breakfast (Thursday and Friday mornings)
    • Lunch Thursday (on or off site)
    • Reception Wednesday evening - optional (on or off site)
    • Group Dinner and/or sightseeing event Thursday evening (outgoing President, and any retiring Directors are acknowledged)
  4. Organize a meeting agenda in coordination with the President. Locate speakers, and sponsors for various meals or receptions if possible.
  5. The President, Treasurer and Host County Director determine if a conference fee is required and set the amount.
  6. Send out (via email typically) several months in advance preliminary information to members with the date, location, conference fee and hotel reservation information (including the date guaranteed pricing expires). A draft agenda can also be included if available to peak interest.
  7. Six weeks prior to the meeting the Host County mails out a hard copy of the agenda with a cover letter from the President. This packet should include a map to the event location, including the nearest airport if necessary, driving directions and information on interesting things to do in the area for spouses/guests of members.
  8. The mailed packet should also include information to RSVP to the event by a certain date with sufficient time to commit to meals at the facility or any other planned activities.
  9. Send out reminder emails as necessary to ensure RSVP's are accurate.
  10. Provide a Name Tag and Name Tent (in large bold print) for each confirmed participant and speaker to be available at the event. Ensure that any audio visual needs of speakers are set up with the hotel (not typically paid by CPAAC but President can authorize).
  11. Act as the contact with the hotel during the conference, ensure meals and snacks are delivered appropriately, greet speakers and reserve a seating space, and take care of any other administrative issues.

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