Classification and Compensation.

Classification and Compensation is not responsible nor controls any type of Payroll Processing, Payroll Accounting or Payroll Reconciliation.  All payroll functions are conducted solely through the Auditor-Controller's Office Payroll Division.  For all payroll related questions or concerns, please contact their Payroll Division directly.

For Verification of Employment, please refer to the "Helpful Links" section located on the Employee Services page

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Classification and Compensation is a vital function within Human Resources that establishes new classifications and salaries, while also reviewing existing classifications to determine appropriate placement within County departments.

Salary Surveys

Conducting Salary Surveys


Analyzing Compiled Information

Salary Adjustments

Formulating recommendations for salary adjustments

Class Specifications and Allocation Standards

developing and maintaining the County's class specifications and allocation standards

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For assistance with the information and forms on this page, please contact your Human Resources Services Team.


For general classification information and/or questions related to a class study, please contact Tangy Carlos at

For all salary survey requests and/or questions, please send email directly to:

Class & Salary Listing

One function of Classification and Compensation is maintaining all classifications and the benefit designations and salary plans/grades assigned to each class.  Our Class and Salary Listing displays all active County job classifications, alphabetically by class title, with their assigned benefit designations and salary.