Employee Relations

The Employee Relations Division offers professional assistance in various areas of the employee and labor relations field.

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Employee Relations Division advises human resource professionals and operating departments on labor contract and disciplinary matters, ensuring consistent and fair application of the Employee Relations program for the County of Riverside.

Labor Contracts/Negotiations

Employee Relations Resolution is the document which establishes the procedures under which collective bargaining is administered in the County of Riverside.

Salary Ordinance

Ordinance designating or enumerating the number of, compensation for, classification, method and requirements of employment with the County of Riverside.

Filing Complaints/Grievances

County of Riverside is committed to prohibiting and preventing unlawful discrimination and/or harassment in employment. If you have been subjected to unlawful discrimination of harassment please complete and submit the complaint form.

Performance Management

Board Policy C-21 Employee Performance Evaluation Reports is a policy providing agency/department heads, managers, and other senior staff with methods and procedures to evaluate the performance of regular employees.